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Customer Magazine Cora Refinish Oy - WP plugin

Customer Magazine – Cora Refinish Oy

Mar 21, 20192 min read Video in Finnish presenting Cora’s new customer magazine With our WordPress compatible plugin, we created a customer magazine for our client Cora Refinish…

Writing Engaging Content / WP plugin

Write Your First Engaging Content

Feb 3, 20195 min read

Ever wondered how writers consistently publish engaging contents? You might even have wondered how they come up with the ideas?  Well, whether you’re writing for…

Instant magazine alternative /

Foleon (Instant Magazine) Alternative:

Jan 22, 20193 min read

In the publishing industry there’s one undeniable megatrend: it’s going digital and fast. Printed media content creators are vigorously trying to cling onto their physical…

Customer Magazine Publishing Process -

Publishing a Customer Magazine – How has the Process Changed?

Jan 1, 20196 min read

The process of publishing a customer magazine can be time-consuming and costly without always generating the profit you’re looking for. There must be a way…