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Customer Magazine – Cora Refinish Oy

Customer Magazine Cora Refinish Oy - WP plugin
Video in Finnish presenting Cora’s new customer magazine

With our WordPress compatible plugin, we created a customer magazine for our client Cora Refinish Oy. The magazine is published both online and in print using the same content, which makes the process fast and easy.

Cora’s goal was to simplify the process of publishing their customer magazine to make it as effortless as possible. With the help of plugin, reaching that goal is easy. Our solution also means Cora saves substantial amounts of time and money owing to the following:

  1. they only need one creative process
  2. they can do all layout designing themselves without the need for a separate desktop publishing software (such as InDesign) or the help of a professional layout artist.

What’s most important however, is that with the plugin Cora can reach their clients, as earlier, at shared spaces such as reception areas with the printed magazine, but also grow their audience online. On top of that, all online visits to the magazine can be measured and analyzed.

With the publishing system also older articles can be found easily online. In other words, it’s easy to link similar articles or related tips to your new article.

Ways you can benefit from’s services:

  • Cost Savings: creating content at once for web and print means you don’t have to go through two different design processes
  • Simplified publishing process: no need for a separate desktop publishing software or the help of a professional layout artist
  • Better coverage: gain readers both online and in print. Articles published online are easy to share individually in e.g. social media instead of sharing an entire pdf magazine
  • Targeted content: choose which content you publish online and which content you send for press
  • Better measuring: follow statistics for each article to find out what interests the readers most

Take a look at Cora’s online customer magazine 

If you’re interested in’s services, contact us for any details and we’ll be happy to tell you more!