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Get Profit from your Website with SEO

Get Profit from your Website with SEO

One of the most important skills for a web content producer, is understanding the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO means building contents in a way that makes the pages rank high in search engine results.

In addition to building tailor-made websites and designing memorable corporate identities,’s parent company Verkkovaraani helps its customers in the challenges of digital marketing. The different fields of digital marketing, such as SEO and Google Ads, help an organization make the best of the potential web offers.

Millions of Google searches are made daily in a country like Finland, and the scale of daily global search numbers add up to around 3,5 billion. Taking this into consideration, it’s easy to understand, how big of an audience you can achieve with effective digital marketing. Using carefully selected keywords, monitoring your digital presence and investing in other relevant fields of digital marketing, means you get the word out about your products and services to those interested in them. With digital marketing, you reach your desired target audiences easily and effectively.

We Improve Our Customers’ Digital Marketing e.g. by Doing the Following:

  • We scan your search engine visibility and use our findings to improve your rankings
  • We monitor your Google Ads advertising and optimize it to make it more cost-efficient
  • We monitor your Google Analytics and report to you with our findings and suggested actions
  • We build newsletter services and teach you how to use them
  • We build campaign sites

Improving the Digital Marketing for Tuholaistorjuntakeskus Oy

We help our customer Tuholaistorjuntakeskus (Finnish pest control supplier) in improving their digital marketing. We improve the company’s search engine rankings and Google Ads advertising.

Since we started monitoring and improving the search engine visibility of Tuholaistorjuntakeskus, the rankings of their pages have risen to top 10 with 14 keywords and to top three with four keywords. As much as nine keywords have risen from the original ranking of over 300 to the top 15.

By monitoring the company’s Google Ads advertising, we have been able to pinpoint the weaknesses of advertising, as well as the ads that have performed well. Based on this, we have been able to target the ads better to the right searches. Tuholaistorjuntakeskus has gained more value for their advertising budget. In other words, they have received more contacts and orders.

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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of the content production of a company existing online. SEO aims at achieving as high rankings as possible on search engines – preferably within top three. The higher a page ranks, the better chances it has of been clicked.

Content plays an integral part in determining how a page ranks. By carefully choosing your keywords and using them in copy, headings and images, you help Google understand, which type of content you’re offering and thus which type of visitors would benefit from it. Google’s algorithms evolve constantly, so succeeding in SEO requires following the latest development.

What is Google Ads?

In addition to the so called organic search results achieved by SEO, Google search often shows paid results. These Google Ads advertisements show up right at the top of the search results (and sometimes on the right side or at bottom of the first results page). Google Ads advertising is a useful tool for many organizations to reach their target audiences.

With Google Ads you get several options for advertising your content: from textual ads showing up in search results to display marketing where your videos or images pop up in allocated slots, suchs as banners, on different websites. The price for advertising with Google Ads is determined by the keywords you use and by how many times your ads are clicked.